What is lewd.host?

This is a fork of lolisafe. GitHub repository of the fork is located here.

Will you keep my files forever?

We'll try and keep your files for as long as possible. Files are hosted on my servers in a colo.
However, we also have temporary uploads feature which will automatically delete your files after a certain period of time.
You can configure the feature through our homepage's config tab.

Are anonymous uploads allowed?

Unfortunately no, due to some individuals that should leave the planet, you have to make an account.

How can I keep track of my uploads?

Simply create a user on the site and every upload will be associated with your account, granting you access to your uploaded files through our dashboard.

What are albums?

Albums are a simple way of sorting uploads together.
As long as you are logged in, you can create albums through our homepage or dashboard,
then afterwards you can use them with our Firefox extension or Chrome extension,
which will enable you to right click -> send file to safe, or to a desired album if you have any.
You will have to set the domain in the extension's settings to https://lewd.host though.

Why should I use this?

I don't know, because it has a cool name, I guess?

I saw something too illegal for my tastes here, what should I do?

Where is the server located at?


Do you have a No-JS uploader form?

Why is the maximum file size in the No-JS uploader form smaller?

This site is using a anti-DDoS proxy which limits the maximum upload size.
Since the homepage uploader chunks your uploads through JS magic, it is possible to increase the maximum file size there.

So your API supports chunked uploads?

Yes, the homepage uploader was coded to chunk uploads into 10 MB pieces by default (chunk size is configurable through the config tab).

What are the allowed extensions here?

We support any file extensions, except the following:
.bash_profile .bash .bashrc .bat .bsh .cmd .com .csh .exe .exec .jar .msi .nt .profile .ps1 .psm1 .scr .sh .m3u8